Product care

Acero&Leyva creates and manufactures 100% natural leather bags.

The selected natural material are premium leathers and skins due to their origin and treatment. Leather is a natural raw material so imperfections, marks, veins or variations in colour should not be considered as blemishes but a sign of authenticity and purity of the leathers.

To preserve the product, please take into account these tips:

  • Authentic leather is damaged by moisture so we strongly recommend you to storage the bag in its original brand’s packaging of cotton dust bag and box and in dry atmosphere.

  • Avoid direct exposure to sources of light, heat, moisture and rain.

  • Avoid contact with perfumes/ cosmetics/ creams/ oils.

  • In case of contact with liquid, do not rub the bag but wipe it dry immediately by removing the excess of moisture with a soft cloth. Let it dry a room temperature.

  • Do not place heavy objects on the bag when you store it, neither overload nor overfill it to keep its shape correctly.

For the python skins, all the abovementioned tips are applicable but also a few more due to their singularities:

  • Pyhton skins are dried out but sun exposure so please avoid it.

  • Please keep in mind to respect the natural scale direction when cleaning the excess of dust and dirt.

  • You can use a slightly damp cloth for cleaning.

  • Please only use specific exotic leather cleaning products.