Sale terms and conditions


  1. These SALE CONDITIONS regulate the sale by the COMPANY owning the registered commercial ACERO&LEYVA (hereinafter, ACERO&LEYVA) to the client (hereinafter, the CLIENT) of the products offered to sale by ACERO&LEYVA through its online shopping web (hereinafter, the WEB) in accordance with the catalogue of available products (hereinafter, the PRODUCT or PRODUCTS).
  2. According to these SALE CONDICTIONS, the PRODUCTS on sale on the WEB are exclusively aimed at the CLIENT as natural person aged over eighteen years old and/or legal person duly represented acting as a final consumer. It is completely prohibited any resale or distribution of the PRODUCTS purchased through the WEB.
  3. These SALE CONDITIONS shall be applicable to each and every PRODUCT purchased and formalised by the CLIENT through the WEB. Therefore the CLIENT shall acknowledge that he or she has sufficient legal capacity to be bound by the provisions of these SALE CONDITIONS.


  1. The CLIENT may place an order by accessing the WEB and therefore he or she shall acknowledge to have legal capacity to formalise the purchase and to use the payment methods available at the WEB.
  2. Once the CLIENT has chosen the PRODUCT/S, he or she will enter the purchasing process during which personal data shall be requested such as name, surname, sending and/or billing address of the purchase and email address.
  3. At the end of the purchase process, the CLIENT shall use the payment gateway provided by the WEB to formalize the payment. The WEB shall always keep the security and privacy of the data given by the CLIENT. In any case, such data will be stored by ACERO&LEYVA.
  4. The WEB accepts payments with credit cards such VISA and MASTERCARD.
  5. The CLIENT may use discounts through an specific code number obtained by the suscription to the Newsletters sent by the WEB. Such suscription shall require the provision of personal contact data and the acceptance by the CLIENT to receive such communication tool.
  6. The prices of the PRODUCTS listed shall be valid at the momento of purchase; discount shall be then applied as mentioned in the last provision.
  7. The prices on the WEB are in Euros and include 21% VAT.
  8. The shipping costs in peninsular Spain and Balearic Islands and E.U. countries are free.
  9. For the rest of the countries, the CLIENT shall pay the shipping costs according to the following list at the moment of formailising the purchase:
    1. Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: 13 euros plus applicable costs.
    2. Countries outside the E.U.: 18 euros plus customs and/or aplicable costs.
    3. The rest of the world: 50 euros plus customs and/or applicable costs.
  10. Costs such as customs, import or any other taxes shall be borne by the CLIENT and shall be detailed once the purchase is formalised according to the shipping country.
  11. The estimated delays of delivery are as follows (note that such delays may be modified due to holiday seasons):
    1. Spain, between 48 and 72 working hours.
    2. Europe, around 10 working days.
    3. Rest of the destinations: around 30 working days.


  1. The PRODUCT shall be delivered to the CLIENT according to the shipping conditions aforementioned anf the CLIENT shall sign the delivery note upon receipt.
  2. The CLIENT shall verify the condition of the package including the PRODUCT at the moment of delivery.
  3. If the package would have been damaged, opened or would showed clear signs of deterioration or missing product, the CLIENT may reject the acceptance of the delivery and shall claim by written such situation on the delivery note and shall contact ACERO&LEYVA through the email address within a maximum delay of 24 hours after the reception of the package. The subject of such email shall be “return of product due to damage in delivery” and shall include the identification number of the purchase and shipping code of the package.
  4. Therefore, the CLIENT shall check the state of condition of the delivered package as well as its content upon reception. It shall be considered that the PRODUCT has been delivered satisfactorily when the CLIENT would accept the delivery and would sign the delivery note without any comment.
  5. ACERO&LEYVA shall not accept the return of any damaged or missing PRODUCT if such claim is not carried out following the delay of 24 hours and manner of communication aforementioned.


  1. ACERO&LEYVA fully recognise CLIENT’s right of withdrawal so the CLIENT may return the PRODUCT within a delay of 14 calendar days from the moment of communicating such withdrawal.
  2. The right of withdrawal shall be communicated within 48 hours since the material reception of the PRODUCT, by email to ACERO&LEYVA to   including the subject “product return” with the identification number of the purchase and the reason of such return.
  3. Taking into account the aforementioned, the CLIENT shall have a maximum of 16 calendar days to return the PRODUCT without delay.
  4. In case of requesting an exchange of PRODUCT, the delay and manner of communication aforementioned shall apply including the sending of an email to  with the subject “product exchange” and the reason of such exchange.

ACERO&LEYVA reserves the right to reject the return and/or exchange that has not been communicated as mentioned before and without respecting the fixed delays.

  1. The PRODUCT shall be returned in its original package, in the same conditions as originally sent: inner paper filling, cotton dustbag, brand identifying tag, without signs of use or damage and the corresponding invoice. Otherwise the return and/ or exchange shall not be accepted.
  2. The CLIENT shall bear the shipping costs of returning the PRODUCT using a shipping hand delivery company, therefore he/ she shall be solely responsible for the condition of the package until duly received at ACERO&LEYVA registered office.
  3. Once the package is received, ACERO&LEYVA shall check the condition of the returned product. If it is in perfect condition and with no sign of use, then ACERO&LEYVA shall accept the return and/or exchange and shall communicate so to the CLIENT by email so as to proceed with the return payment equal to the price of the product paid by the CLIENT or the exchange of the item.

ACERO&LEYVA reserves the right to reject the returns or exchanges of PRODUCT that are not in the conditions aforementioned.  


The PRODUCTS of ACERO&LEYVA are crafted in leather. Leather is a natural raw material so it can show colour variations due to tanning process as well as veins and natural folds as a result of the material itself. Each piece of leather is different and reacts differentely to such process. This is what makes products crafted with high quality leathers such a charming, valuable unique item.

These variations shall in any case be considered as defects of the PRODUCT.

  1. May PRODUCT show any defect and/ or does not match the description detailed in the features of the item on the web, ACERO&LEYVA shall proceed to replace and/ or fix the PRODUCT as long as:
    1. The CLIENT shall communicate within 48 hours since the reception of the PRODUCT by email to ACERO&LEYVA to with the subject “defect on product” including the identification number of the purchase and the description of the defect.
    2. It is to the reasonable satisfaction of ACERO&LEYVA that such defect or defects have been caused exclusively during manufacturing or storage and not as a result of irregular use of the PRODUCT.
    3. The PRODUCT shall be delivered back to ACERO&LEYVA within a delay of 7 calendar days since the communication of the defect in the manner aforementioned so as to carefully examine the returned PRODUCT.
    4. ACERO&LEYVA shall have a maximum delay of 7 calendar days to communicate if such replacement or return is appropriate due to such defect.