Singular shape for a unique look.

Crafted respecting the fluidity of the material, Nara is inspired by Japan and the Origami technique.

Raw material with no linen nor excessive seams is transformed by folding the exquisite flexible leathers in the quest to create an sculpture bag. The small rings all around the shape add the brand signature.

Nara is uniquely crafted to enhance the proper beauty of raw material in its most authentic version.

New Colors

Nara Aguamarina Front
NARA Aquamarine / White
Nara Rosa Piedra front
NARA Pink / Ultra Light Stone

Nara bag
NARA Blue Klein
Nara bag
NARA Ultra Light Stone
Nara bag
NARA Vanilla / Caramel
Nara bag Plum Rose and burgundy
NARA Plum Rose / Burgundy