Singular patterns envisioning original cuts, folds and reliefs and the way leather is crafted with beautiful and powerful colours require a skillfully assembly and crafting.

I strongly respect the natural raw material I am using to create my bags so exterior, linings but also interfacings are from high quality authentic leather enabling the different parts to naturally adapt and breath, adding volume and structure with natural smooth touch and a better performance in shape and structure.

The same noble material is used inside as outside as a way to truly care and respect the best way to construct A&L bags as well as the emotional value of the material used in order to deliver a beautifully constructed product.

The power of longevity is key for Acero&Leyva: the bags will live longer due to the quality skilled production.


As Diana Vreeland said “the eye has to travel” so I feed my eye constantly with anything catching my aesthetic creative attention.

Art and travels inspire my creative vision of colours and shapes.

The quest for individuality in life is also reflected in one’s own style and the way one is presented to the world through the pieces and garments chosen and that’s something quite inspirational for me: how to portray our singularity.

Check Acero&Leyva Pinterest to take a close look to what inspires the brand and its designs.


Strongly commited to deliver a “clean luxury” product, A&L sources the raw materials from Spanish renowned tanneries complying with the highest standards of transparency in traceability (some linings are from Italy). Exotic skins like python have their legal certifications assuring the integrity of sourcing.

Our manufacturing is limited to reduce waste and avoid over prodution and oversupply of raw materials.

I do not believe in creating my designs based on fastly changing trends obliging me to constantly produce and be provided with more and more resources.

I counsciously decide to step out from trends. I decide my own creative path.

This is a way to stay true to my personal creative pulse yet being aware of how I create and manufature my product.

I deeply believe in my country’s powerful creative and working skills so my bags are truthfully made in Madrid creating real value and empowering local artisans and suppliers. Everything used is bought in Spain to local companies located in Madrid, Alicante and Barcelona.

Aesthetic meets sustainable craftmanship process and sourcing. I care and respect the skilled work of artisans I work with manifesting a true humanization of the product they help me to create. My work is helping others but mostly, their work is helping me, that is the power of community.