Acero&Leyva is born to create desirable and feminine bags using the exceptional and well known Spanish traditional values of craftmanship.

The finest leathers are crafted by skilled hands in limited cared production to deliver exclusive editions of refined creations of timeless unusual beauty and elegance.

A&L bags are thoughtfully designed to create beauty in shapes, volumes and colours combining a very personal inspirational sources from art, travels and memories with a contemporary touch rendering distinctively attractive pieces.

A&L designs are built around singular details and original cuts to create sophisticated and unique bags for brave women embracing their uniqueness and looking to stand out through their individuality with their daily expression of style.


A&L designs are built around two clear and strong creative drivers: avoiding massification and repetitive manufacturing so as to find the balance between sustainability and distinctiveness.

The brand believes in differentiated personal style suggesting the individuality of each and every woman through their unique expression of their own understanding of fashion and style.

Eager to avoid similarity but also waste throughout manufacturing, A&L delivers limited editions of precious and rare products crafted by skilled artisans located in Madrid.

Emotional values are key: A&L cherishes every step of the creative travel taken in building my brand by respecting the care and love invested in each part of the process and the people involved in it.


Hello I’m Patricia Samper, creative director at Acero&Leyva, a bag brand with independent unique identity based on three fundamental pillars: commitment, quality and tradition.

Back in 2018, I decided to develop this brand project by personally designing each bag taking into account beauty and functionality, selecting the best leathers from dead stocks of the main national tanneries to give a second life to valuable materials and choosing a traditional handcrafted manufacturing in a small atelier located in Madrid in order to closely care about each step of the process. Each bag is a unique and singular piece.

I hope you like it.